We know that amount of online web traffic is crucial to any business’ success.

That is indeed why this website was made, to help you grow your traffic. But sometimes traffic isn’t enough. Sometimes the visitors that you manage to attract, just end up leaving your website. Without buying the product you’re trying to sell and/or promote.

We need to discuss how you can grow your revenue by cleverly understanding the psychology of your visitors.

The Power of Social Proof

Jessup: You want answers?!


Kaffee: I want the truth!


J: You can’t handle the truth!

Business owners have a look over here!

What you need is a way to demonstrate that your product is the mother of all bombs, the TSAR bomba!

But how can you do that?

You need to give them evidence, truth or PROOF!

Yep you heard it right!

The program you might be missing out on is called Proof

The concept of social proof is on the uprise, and rightfully so.

The program uses a simple yet incredibly effective pop-up that lets people know that someone else have bought / signed up for your product.

If you give your visitors compelling evidence that people are indeed buying your product from all over the country or, heck, the world. This would give them a great confidence boost when it comes to the quality of your product.

Therefore if you have a business, a product, a course, an info product. Hell just about anything, consider implementing the element of social proof into your website.


Well, it could just change your life entirely!

That is of course from a business perspective and not the entirety of your life…

Because you can’t possibly be that shallow to completely consider your life to be your business alone? Can you?

Maybe you can I don’t know.

Now I don’t know why I wrote that!

Nevertheless, back to the actual point of this blog post!

Give proof & gain trust

To be able to demonstrate to your visitors that your product is bought by many other people, you can boost your revenue considerably.

So you shouldn’t really spend any more time reading this strange blog post on this peculiar site.

Just go ahead and check Proof out and see if it could be implemented into your site!


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