What is SEO? Info, Insights, Tips and Techniques (2018)

SEO can be the game-changer you are looking for! So what better to do than to dig into it (in-depth) and explore the vast terrains of the search engine landscape!

Search Engines are the main source of free and paid traffic to the majority of sites on the web.

You may be aware of this fact, because I’m guessing that you also are a part of this trend that been going on for the last decades of human history.

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We live in an era where information can be accessed almost instantly, which make search engines and SEO giant topics for us to cover and discuss.

Therefore it isn’t surprising that I, here at OnWebTraffic, find SEO to be a supremely important topic for us to explore and learn more about.

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Before we get down and dirty, I have the need to say that I find that the best way to do SEO is to wear a white hat with tiny black spots on them. (lol)

That is one should mostly employ white hat SEO techniques accompanied with a handful of sly and subtle insights that may or may not originate from the black hat approach.

Oh and if you didn’t know, White hat SEO are the techniques and algorithms which the search engines such as Google and Yahoo officially approve of, while black hat techniques are the methods employed by web-masters which are rather frowned upon by the programmers of the search engine!

It is a well known fact that white hat SEO is a rather time consuming enterprise, but nonetheless very much worth it in the long run.

Now now, let us not get ahead of ourselves, we haven’t even defined what a search engine is and I’m already deep into the nomenclature of the internet marketing world. (Sorry bout dat)

So then, let us first and foremost ask the supremely relevant question, namely…

What are Search Engines?

Yes indeed, what are these so called search engines that seem to dominate the cyber landscape?

Most notably the cyber colossal Google, but also Yahoo, Bing, Ask, Baidu, DuckDuckGo, Yandex which all have a considerable position in the internet search engine world.

What are these engines which we constantly try to optimize our content/sites/blogs for?

The very simple answer is that search engines are websites/programs that collect, categorises, organizes content from the all over the internet.

Moreover search engines subsequently try to give the best and most relevant results for those search queries which individuals search for on their website.

The Process

The process that drives the search engines are roughly three. These are:

A: The Searcher
B: The Search Engine
C: The Target Website

X: Search Query
Y: Search Results on Page (SERP)
Z: Suitable Link Click

And the process goes something like this,

A searches for X on B which then B gives Y amount of results.

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A then picks the most suitable weblink Z amongst those listed in Y and arrives to C.

The search engines are intermediaries between the individual that does the searching and the website that provides the content/product/message etc.

In other words, search engines are some kind of a cyber bridge if you will, between the searcher and the target site.

If you want some more interactive visuals to help you understand, have a peek at this video by the Google representative, Matt Cutts:

Now that we have a somewhat understanding of what a search engine is and does, we can now get to the main point of this article, namely…

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and a pretty good definition of SEO would be the actual steps a webmaster takes to boost the visibility of his/her website in the search engines organic search results.

Moreover I find the term SEO to be quite straightforward, as it is exactly what it says, namely the optimization of a website for search engines.

The Importance of Ranking High

An interesting online study made in mid 2014, clearly demonstrated the power of ranking high.

They showed that the first position result on the first page typically got a third (31%) of all clicks, and consequently the top five results on the first page got around 2/3 (66+%) of all clicks from the people using the search engine (desktop, not mobile).

That is quite a whopping number, 70+% for the first page results!

Here is the actual graph, taken from MoZ

A graph showing the results of ranking on first page

results of ranking ctr

Source: Moz

What does this mean?

Well simply that, if your website isn’t ranking on the first page(s), your site is probably drowning somewhere out there in the vast cyber ocean of the web.

This inevitably brings us to the main topic of this article, namely, how do I go about “doing” SEO!

SEO Mastery

Everyone is wondering, how do I do it! How do I rank my site to the top of the food chain, the number one spot on Google.

Many have tried all different strategies of going about doing that, some doing honest hard work, while others trying to find loopholes in the system.

You know of who’m Im speaking of, I mentioned them in the beginning of this article.

Yes you guessed it! It’s those warlocks with black hats trying to put dark magic spells on the algorithms that drive the search engines. (hihi)

Now, if you wish to master SEO, in a honest and genuine way, you’ll have to master these two fundamentals, namely on-page SEO and off-page SEO.

So lets get down and dirty!

On-Page SEO ★

Off-Page SEO ★

Local SEO ★

SEO Do’s and Don’ts ★

Valuable SEO Tools

Without tools for understanding our own sites and their performances, we are effectually stumbling in the dark. It is therefore very important to know what resources are available out there to better understand your site.

  • SEOQuake
  • SEMrush
  • Similarweb (a SEO tool to analyze many different factors of a website)
  • Alexa (General information on the rank of a certain cite, + with visitors, traffic sources and more)
  • Facebook Debugger (Find out if there are any errors that Facebook’s systems has with your social sharing interface.)
  • Pingdom Website Speed Test

Notable SEO Specialists (Genuine Peeps)

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