SEO Do’s and Don’ts (Checklist)

SEO Do’s Checklist

1. Indexable Site

Make sure that your site is indexable by Google!

SEO Dont’s Checklist

1. Keyword Density

Don’t abuse keyword density, meaning don’t try to over-optimize your page for the search engines by creating an unnatural amount of repetitions for the keyword you’re trying to rank for.

2. User Experience

Don’t exchange the user experience for mere financial profits. Which means don’t over do the advertisements and product-selling on behalf of the visitors experience on your site.

3.Thin Content

Don’t create “thin content”, i.e. don’t write short, low-value articles without any insights. Rather try to provide genuine value to the reader, which means a good-sized post, good grammar, and a valuable perspective / information on your behalf.

4. Buying Cheap Backlinks

I genuinely advise against buying backlinks on sites like Fiverr, Upwork, Konker and other similar sites, even though they can be attractive considering how frustrating it has been so far in trying to rank your site (believe I know). Though you may enjoy success for a time, google will most likely lay bare and find out your sly ways in due time and penalize your site accordingly.

5. Don’t Ignore Internal Linking

Don’t ignore internal linking, as many people can’t be arsed to go through their content and link to related pages within their website.

6. Avoid duplicate content!

Google does not like duplicate content at all, they consider it to be spammy and can penalize a site harshly for it. If you use WordPress or any other similar CMS, try to avoid creating to many tags for each post, this can easily lead to duplicate content.

7. Don’t be a one-trick pony,

Meaning don’t be afraid to try new things that can help you grow and learn!

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