Paid Traffic: Most Effective Ways of Boosting Visitors to Your Website

The thing with paid traffic is that to make it sustainable and profitable one needs to develop a solid and calculated game-plan.

Social Media Paid traffic

Paid or investment traffic can be a incredibly lucrative method of drawing visitors to your website.

Like with most things, one needs practice to perfect the art of paid or better yet, investment traffic. Investment because if you manage to pay 1 dollar for an ad and get a ROI (return on investment) of 300% (3 dollars), then you aren’t really “wasting” or paying money, but investing and profiting.paid-traffic-logo-2

That being said, here I’ll go through a couple of great ways of using paid traffic to your website!

Search Engine Marketing/Advertising

Google Adwords

Bing Ads

Social Media Marketing/Advertising

Facebook Ads

When you learn to effectively use Facebook Ads, the sky is the limit for you. Begin small, i.e. a couple of dollars a day on an ad to experience and learn how to master the art of cheap targeted Facebook ads.

YouTube Ads

Twitter Ads

Pinterest Ads

Linkedin Ads

Other Paid Traffic Sources

Email Marketing

Email lists are powerful and if you don’t have one, your competitors may have a extensive one. By reaching out to blogs/websites in your niche, you could negotiate a deal with them concerning your message/product.

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