Local SEO Mastery (Info, Insights, Tips and Techniques)

Local SEO may include some factors that aren’t always obvious in the general SEO world.

1. Acquire Reviews for Your Local Businesses

Something that is supremely important for local SEO performance is the amount and quality of reviews that your company has. This has increasingly become more important over the years, and it is not a surprising thing.


Well from a psychological perspective if people don’t know who you are, what other people think about your product, how could you expect them to commit to that uncertainty. Psychologically reviews makes it easier for people to decide to choose you.

2. Have a Google Business Page for Your Company

Have a great, detailed Google business page for your company. Add photos, team photos, names, phone numbers, addresses and other relevant details concerning the nature of your company, also try to have have your main keywords sprinkled around there in the descriptions and other information boxes available.

3. Have Local Sites Link to Your Site

If local websites relevant to your company are linking to your site, Google will most likely take notice of this and reward your site accordingly. You could reach out to these local sites and introduce your company and your site! Say Hello and hopefully they will wink back at ya.

4. Having Quality Citations to Your Company

Citations are similar to backlinks, but differ in that they are referring to your company’s NAP (Name, address and phone number) instead. Having a good amount of quality citations by authoratative sources online can really make it or break it!

5. NAP (Name, Address, Phone number) Consistency

Keep it consistent, don’t change these essentials too often, because any citation that you may have from other online sources, may end up giving the wrong information about your company. This is misleading for the visitor/customer and of course for Google and other search engines as well.

6. Have a Great and Active Blog

If you really care about your company’s purpose and mission, you could easily write or have written a quality in-depth article about something relevant/interesting/informative in your niche. Try to have at least one good and lengthy article (1500+ words) a week. That would easily keep your site in Google radar and your visitors would also be keen on reading it.

7. Be Active on Social Medias

This could be the missing ingredient to your local business SEO. The key is to have a blog with great quality content while promoting the hell out of it on all the relevant social media platforms. This could give you the edge over your competitors. Though it should be noted that one shouldn’t spam, but provide with genuine content for those interested in what your company is all about.

8. Use Local Schema Mark Up

By using local schema mark up, you can boost your SEO considerably through increased CTR and Google’s more detailed understanding of what your company is officialy about, where it is, NAP and more.

9. Create & Optimize Your Advertisements

If you have a local business, not using Google Adwords is a big mistake. Not only does adwords indirectly benefit your SEO, but can prove to be extremely lucrative for certain niches. So go out and do it!

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