Free Traffic: Best Ways of Attracting Visitors to Your Website

Are you looking for free ways of attracting visitors and possible customers to your site? If so, lets explore together the diverse and numerous free ways of driving traffic to your website.

Free traffic sources

The number one thing to do, when it comes to free, stable, and genuine visitors to your site is through optimizing your site for search engines, i.e. SEO. When you have optimized your site for SEO both on-page and off-page and you deem that you’ve done all that you can for now. You can start expanding your influence and reach by branching out and trying new methods of acquiring well-deserved traffic to your website.

Here is a list of great ways of driving free traffic to your site!

Free Traffic Sources

Free traffic

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Although I just mentioned SEO, since I find search engine optimization to by far be the best and most stable long-term method of acquiring quality targeted traffic to your website, I had to mention it again. Now there are many factors determining success and progress in SEO, and the process of SEO is itself quite a complex undertaking, as it the search engines are constantly active, changing and refining itself.

SEO tactics and tricks that may have worked 2014 may or may not be viable for use in 2018 etc.

The best thing, I think, is to always strive to understand what the people (programmers, etc.) behind the search engine want to achieve in relation to the people (searchers) in front of the search engines wants access to.

This is a win-win recipe that never gets old, unless of course, the search engines are governed by SKY-NET or something of the like.

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Social Medias

By building your own loyal audience on social media platforms you have instant access to a group of people interested in the content of your website.

Moreover through being active in relevant FB groups and communities, you can potentially attract a lot of quality visitors to your content and website.

Lets say you have a blog about philosophy, and you have a new blog article on Stoicism. Well what you can do is first and foremost post this article on your facebook website page, and from there share this featured post with communities associated with the Stoic philosophy.

YouTube and Other Video Platforms

By creating and uploading engaging videos to YouTube and other video platforms you can quickly attract visitors to your website.

Email Marketing

Collect emails! Build a relationship with those interested in your website.


Well because subscribers to your list may be the most loyal and profitable source of recurring visitors, much more control than other streams of income.

Push Notifications

Though push notifications softwares and plugins most often have a price tag, some actually are free.

Social Media Bookmarking

By posting exciting, unique and creative things to Reddit, StumbleUpon, Digg there is a chance of your site/content instantly reaching thousands of people.


By being active on forums related to your site niche and topic you could gradually attract relevant visitors to your site.


By reaching out to different sites similar to your own, you could inquire if they would be open for a guest post by you.

Local posters

By printing out paper posters and going around your city, you could draw the attention of curious passerbys!

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